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Astral Series S Calorimeter

Scientech is an American owned manufacturer of laser power and energy measurement systems and has been in business for  45 years.  In fact, we were the first company to ever make a laser power meter.  We also proudly claim that all of our products are Made in the USA. 

Just released is our new Astral Series S .  These hardy systems consist of a handheld meter and your choice of either highly sensitive, silicon, optical detectors or thermal detectors which can yield either watt or joule measurements.  Also the thermal detectors vary in aperture size from 25mm to 200mm in diameter.  Utilizing intelligent sensor detector technology, these easy-to-use handy systems will provide you with an excellent value-based system.

 In addition, we are the only manufacturer with the Synenergy laser measurement concept.  The foundation for this concept consists of the Vector S310 and H410 readouts  that can come with both digital and/or analog displays.  All of these versatile readouts give you the ability to measure CW or pulsed lasers with either thermal, pyroelectric, or photodiode technology. The Vector S310 meter can easily handle any Astral calorimeter, Vector pyroelectric, or Ultra high power detector. The portable handheld H410 will accept Astral calorimeters and photodiode detectors along with Vector pyroelectric detectors.  These powerful Synenergy meters were designed to provide a greater total effect than the sum of separate laser measurement systems since one indicator can easily handle any of our multiple detector combinations.

Scientech is an ISO9001 registered company and offers a full list of optional accessories.  In addition, all Scientech laser products carry a two (2) year warranty on all parts and labor and are 100% MADE IN THE USA.  Five-day turnaround for factory service or calibrations means you are backed by a highly trained and skilled service team.  Founded by a research scientist from the National Bureau of Standards in 1968, Scientech maintains its close relationship with N.I.S.T., which is just down the road from our plant here in Boulder, Colorado.  Therefore, all Scientech products carry NIST certifications. 

These are just some of the reasons to make Scientech your MEASURE OF CONFIDENCE.


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For pricing or to order our laser measurement products, you must call one of our experts.  They will  be able to evaluate your specific requirements and then recommend the best solution for your measurements.

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