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Radiation Pressure Sensor

Scientech is the only company in the world that has for over 40 years been a manufacturer of both electronic weighing systems and laser measurement equipment.  These two seemingly diverse product lines have now merged into an exciting new device capable of measuring laser emission to unprecedented high power levels.

The unique design of our patented Zeta weighing sensor allows calibration as a normal balance in the horizontal plane and then by removing the offset weighing component, the balance can now be used in vertical orientation.  With a mirror attached, it can now be used for laser pressure force measurement, calibrated to a known mass.

Read what the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has to say about Radiation Pressure Sensors, by clicking here


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Ordering Information 

For pricing or to order our laser measurement products, you must call one of our experts.  They will  be able to evaluate your specific requirements and then recommend the best solution for your measurements.

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