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Is there a minimum quantity for OEM sensors?

No, we take into account your unique requirements and will send you a drawing based on your specialized model.  Of course quantity discounts are available. All our OEM customers started out with only a few units.

Why can’t I order Laser products online?

Due to the innumerous combinations of wavelength, beam size, pulse width rep rate and other factors it becomes necessary to involve one of our highly knowledgeable engineers to assist you in choosing the best fit for your needs. 

Was trick photography used in your video?

Absolutely not!  The drop tester you see has been taken to many shows and all are shocked that no damage occurred.  No other manufacturer would subject their balances to such a device.

What software/hardware should I use to connect my Scientech balance to a computer?

We use Hyper Terminal. Under “Support/All Downloads” you will find Hyper Terminal info.  With any program you need to use a “null modem” cable.

How do you connect a Scientech balance via USB to a computer?

Our PN11644 USB to RS232 adapter, includes cable and software.

What is the best way to test linearity?

See Scientech Labs article under “Support/All Downloads”.

How should I treat my balance?

See “Tip Sheet on Good Measurement Practices” article under “Support/Balance Notes”

What are NTEP certified scales?

It is a government requirement for any scale that is used for retail trade be designed such to prevent fraudulent use.  One requirement is to allow calibration by a state inspector and then be locked out from further adjustment.

How do I do density or specific gravity measurements?

See article under “Support/Balance Notes.

What do I do to send weight readings automatically to a computer?

You can set the balance up to Auto Send (ASON), see instruction manual for setting time period ”RS-232 Front Panel Configuration” page 15 or Continuous Send (CSON).

Do you carry stock?

We normally build to order but we do stock a few of our popular models.

What is the difference between Zeta and Series 12000 balances?

Series 12000 are traditional force restoration lever balances.  The Zeta series are also force restoration but are what’s called a “Direct Loader”.

What is the Floating Tare feature on dual range models and how does it work?

Used hand-in-hand with autoranging, “Floating Tare” provides low range readability throughout the entire high range capacity of the balance.

How do Laser power meters work?

See article under “Support/Laser Power Notes”.