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2.00 LBS

Product Description

Scientech, a world leader in providing OEM weighing sensors for a multitude of intregrated weighing applications, now is offering a wide choice of OEM sensors. Whether you want high accuracy, high speed, small foot prints, or extreme ruggedness, we can meet your need. Custom designs with varying capacities, readabilities, footprints, and outputs are available to satisfy your specific requirement.

Ranging in capacities from 12kg to 35g with readabilities spanning 0.1g to 0.01mg, these precise sensors will be an excellent choice for your integrated system. Weighing response times vary between 80ms to 200ms.

Our newest OEM offering is our brand new Zeta sensor which provides a major breakthrough in the design of analytical (0.1mg) and precision (1mg and 10mg) sensors. This breakthrough is that we have developed a weighing sensor with a suspension system which cannot be broken by dropping a weight onto the weighing pan.

As you might know, the highest failure mode for any analytical (0.1mg) or semi analytical (1mg) balance is a broken suspension system due to them having fragile pivots, pullers, flexures, or bearings. Then when any weight is dropped on the weighing pan (this is called shock loading) these fragile pivots, pullers, flexures, bearing will break. The way our competitors try to handle this concern is to state that they have "overload" protection. However, overload protection does not protect against shock loading. Therefore, shock loading is considered customer abuse and is not covered under warranty.

In contrast, the new technology used in the new Zeta OEM sensors eliminates any pivots, pullers, flexures, or bearings. Therefore, it is not possible to break the suspension system of these rugged models with shock loading. This has been clearly proven by demonstrations of extreme abuse by repetitively dropping a 2kg weight on the weighing pan of a 210g x 0.1mg sensor from a height of 25-37mm. All observers have been stunned that this severe abuse did not harm the sensor, and everyone agrees that our competitors' models would certainly break under these conditions. Scientech now has a streaming video of this demonstration which you can see on the homepage.

The foundation for this new technology is based on a direct-loading weighing cell concept, which differs dramatically from a normal lever sensor design. The result is a high quality, highly accurate, almost indestructible, OEM weighing sensor.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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